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-Bagrry's Makhana peri peri, 100g
-Organic India Quinoa 500g
-Bagrry's Chia seeds, 150g
-Chamong Tulsi Green tea, 25 bags
-Yoga Bar Protein Bar Canberry Blast, 50g
-Yoga bar Protein Bar - Almond Fudge, 50 g
-Jewel Farmer Berrymix, 250g
-True Elements Daily Dose Trail Mix,250g

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Healthy food are committed to help you live more healthily simply by providing quality food. This hamper is perfect for health freaks as well as those who want to get fit. It contains all the interesting items unlike boring healthy hamper.
The hamper comprises of-
-Bagrrys Makhana Peri Peri, foxnuts (Makhanas), are popped lotus seeds, an age old Indian Superfood. Peri-Peri Makhana has a burst of exotic chili flavours. Perfect to spice up your taste buds.
-Organic India Quinoa, can easily incorporated in your daily diet in salads or as an easy substitute for rice.
-Bagrry's Chia seeds, these seeds are richest source of calcium which can help in improving the mineral bone density and strengthens the muscles.                                                                                                                                         -Chamong Tulsi Green tea, being a rich source of antioxidants, they can help prevent premature ageing of the skin caused due to free radical damage. Taste the goodness of holy basil with Chamong tulsi green tea pack that comes packed with aromatic green tea leaves and holy basil essence that gives the tea a distinct flavour and fragrance.
-Yoga bar Cranberry blast, is designed to aid body building, rebuild lean muscle and facilitate weight loss.
-Yoga bar Almond Fudge, these delicious protein bars can be consumed as a pre or post workout snack, as a protein source or as a meal replacement.
-Jewel Farmers Berrymix, is a delicious combination of power-packed nuts and berries. It has a great taste and can be consumed anytime.
-True Elements Daily Dose Trail Mix, is a nutty yet healthy combination of nutritious nuts, seeds and berries, all of which are prepared to meet your strict diet needs.


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